Family Life in Times of Unrest

Balcony time yesterday

Good morning friends! We live in very uncertain times, a time of health crisis and political and social unrest. I’m not here to preach to you or to try to convert you to any point of view. What I can say that really fits everyone is that in times of unrest out in the world, now, more than ever, we need to create a sanctuary for ourselves and those we love. That is our homes.

Home is supposed to be a safe space, a haven. I know it’s not that way for everyone but it should be a goal we all strive for. It goes without saying that if you are not in a safe place or you have children that are not safe, you need to find a place that is. Otherwise, build on what you have.

Family, in ideal circumstances, are supposed to be your rock. You stick together, take care of each other, love each other. Especially with all the extra home time lately, we need to be extra patient with each other and communicate well. It’s important to keep a creative, loving, and peaceful environment in your home. Fill your home with music and art. Instead of a ton of fancy things, fill your home with items that speak to your family’s personality together and as individuals. Home is a canvas that you paint a life on.

A few years ago ❤

While it is important to have a lived-in home and perfection is not necessary, we should aim to keep our sanctuaries tidy and decluttered. An overabundance of possessions can create chaos and a noisy mind. Too much stuff can make people feel claustrophobic and uncomfortable. Tidy space, tidy mind!

Jason and I moved to a new place in December. A little over a week later, my 10 year old stepdaughter came to visit for Christmas and, for personal reasons, we went to court so that she could stay. We currently have temporary custody. It has been a whirlwind and for months we put off going to storage to get our stuff…then Covid hit and we COULDN’T go get our stuff. So it was very unfurnished and it really felt transitional and NOT cozy at all.

Finally this month, we bought a few pieces from Amazon (not sponsored) and I assembled most of them (still have to put together a bookcase). Thursday we will FINALLY go to storage. But even with just the sparse furniture, it is so much more homey, so much more cozy. Once we get a lot of our stuff I can decorate and it’ll really be a sanctuary. I’m joyful to feel like I’m in a real HOME finally. Until now it really felt like a hotel.

These details really do make a difference. Ways to add warmth to a home are abundant: candles, lots of blankets, books, beautiful fabrics, art, home cooking, playing board games, knitting for the home and family, handmade items over manufactured… Just think of what you all like to do and create a home that NOURISHES you and your family. Create peace where you can. A haven in the middle of all the turbulence, fear, and anger outside your door is absolutely essential.

The more rejuvenating your home is, the better you can handle what’s OUT THERE.

Until next time…peace and love! ❤


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