Musings on Our Future

making pickles

I am an artist. I make paintings. I’m on hiatus for now not only because my art supplies are in storage, but also because, let’s face facts, art is a luxury business. We can make art for our souls, but as far as a business goes, this time of unrest is not the best time to try to sell art. There is disease, restrictions, violence…and right now people need to pay bills and focus on how to not go under during this crisis. We need to prioritize simple, old-fashioned skills: knitting , canning and preserving food, sewing, gardening, and so much more. We’ve already seen shortages and rising prices as corporations try to take advantage of the situation and as supply and demand rules kick in.

We need to focus on how to help ourselves and those we love in case things get worse. First of all, cut out the excess in your budget. Start saving up money. Start stocking up on food; foods like ground beef has become super expensive and are bound to keep rising. Learn some new skills in case certain things start becoming hard to get, like canning food or mending clothes. Be frugal…in American terms, stop buying shit you don’t need. The USA is the absolute worst at this. Our homes are overflowing with junk and unnecessary items.


One thing I’ve begun to focus on for my creativity and for home and profit is loom knitting, weaving, crochet, and all yarn-related skills. This serves me well at this time because these are practical home skills whereas painting is a luxury. With yarn I can make practical items for my home: clothes, blankets, kitchen stuff, dolls, and so much more. I can make stuff out of yarn to sell and help support my family. These are timeless skills that are fun and super useful. When things calm down, then I might paint. Right now, I’m doing the things that sustain us.

The truth is, we must be ready for anything. We need to put our families in a place of strength during these dark times. That comes from conserving resources and learning things that can add valuable things to our lives. We can do this! Don’t let the outside world bring hearth and home down. Be creative and get moving. I don’t think this is the end.

Peace and love until next time, loves !


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