Plans, Craving Cool Weather & Covid

a wonderful trip a few years back..

Our little family went on an outing on Friday here in Colorado. First we tried Garden of the Gods but it was so hot and there were too many people and most weren’t wearing masks. So we just drove through without getting out. Then we tried to get lunch in Manitou Springs but it was so crowded and everyone had to eat outside so we just drove to Cave of the Winds. We had a little problem with a loud, rude family with a million loud screaming kids. They all kept taking off their masks and getting too close to us. No thank you. I guess Americans are bored with coronavirus….

I went to Cave of the Winds about 20 years ago. I seemed to have developed more of a fear of heights and small spaces since then….It was pretty, don’t get me wrong, but yikes. We won’t be going there again. But our daughter, Catalina, loved it. The gift shop was less cool too. It was weird being out for so many hours and around so many people after so many months at home. It was a bit uncomfortable. I think I’ll just still close to homebase.

In the meantime, we are organizing the finances, planning a move to Missoula in hopefully a year, starting home businesses, and making our home a sanctuary even though it’s not quite ideal for us right now. Working with and loving what we have but striving for better.

pretty view in the mountains

I am starting to get annoyed at the heat and lack of rain here in Colorado. Especially after all the sweating outside on Friday. This is the time of the summer where I start craving Autumn, falling leaves, cooler temperatures, and Halloween. I can’t wait. So sick of summer haha.

The schools here have decided to do remote learning for the kiddos at least until October 8. We are in agreement. No need to take risks when there are better options, right?

Off I go for a family day at home! I would like to welcome all the new followers to my blog. Thank you so much for your support! And to the earlier followers, thanks for sticking around! I appreciate you all!

Until next time, peace and love….



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