Peaceful Days

loom knitting

I’m feeling very calm and peaceful today. As a family and as a person, I am happy with the direction we are going in. The goal is to have a peace-filled, relaxing home, to simplify, to be more frugal, and to move forward. I read a homemaking article some days ago that said to maintain an attitude of gratitude and grace. It’s become my mantra.

I was hurt by people for a lot of years so it’s hard to let my walls down. But I’ve been a part of my little family for nearly 10 years. It is certainly time to be more vulnerable and trusting. I’ve been a bit of an ice queen, worried and held back when I should have opened up and indulged in family cuddles.

No more of that….gratitude and grace is key. Compassion and love is key. I have to stop imagining the worst and just relax and let things flow. I love being home-based. It works for me. I’m working on freelance writing and building a new shop that will focus on weaving and knitting. I may also read tarot and do astrology charts. I want to stay on the front lines at home and create a sanctuary for my little family.

I have to let go for a bit of what’s going on in our country and focus on my smaller, personal world. I can’t help make the world a better place if my own world is not in the best shape it can be.

Today I feel good. I’ve got some cleaning to do. I might bake a loaf of bread and make candles but we shall see. I feel the need to nurture myself, my family, and home today. I can’t think of a better way to pass the time.


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