Changes Coming to the Blog


Hello everyone! I’m here today to announce some changes to the blog. My brother, Eirinn, made the point upon hearing of my 6 Instagram accounts that I am all over the place with projects so I’ve decided to streamline. This blog will be the home for all of my projects and I will also be whittling down my IG accounts and streamlining those as well. Changes coming to the blog are:

  1. I will be blogging A LOT more
  2. I am adding a portfolio of my artwork with future options to buy art
  3. I am adding a page for my writing
  4. I am adding a shop for physical goods, a lot of knitting and weaving

I think it will be a lot better to have all my stuff in one place. I will be working hard on this over the next few days. Come back soon!

Catherine ❤


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