October Thoughts

Loving Autumn

October….what a delightful month. The changing of the leaves and the cooler temperatures. The chilly nights. The leaves changing to bright oranges, yellows, and reds. Now is the time for handiwork as it gets colder: knitting, crochet, weaving. It’s also time for canning and preserving food, preparing for Winter, putting warmer blankets on the beds, building up our pantries. I’m trying to cozy up our place. I bought 4 crochet lap blankets from Goodwill online. I’m hoping they ship soon. Everything is slower with Covid.

Today I’m up for working on the blog, writing, reading, and self-care. Sitting here listening to “spooky Autumn music” on youtube and having coffee. I’ve always liked new age music. Especially in the morning when I’m waking up. It’s soothing. No words, just calming music.

Halloween of course is coming up. I saw a cute idea online called Boo Baskets for the kiddos who aren’t going to risk trick or treating this year. Basically it’s like an Easter basket only it is Halloween candy in a Halloween bucket. I think that’s what we’re doing. It’s also a day to honor those people we have lost, especially our ancestors. I want to make Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas really special this year. 2020 has been so challenging that I think we need to focus on good things like the holidays, love, and family.

in our old place

My father and stepmom just moved to Florida some months ago, so this is the first year we don’t really have to go anywhere for Thanksgiving and Christmas. So this year we are going to start developing our own holiday traditions, stay at home, make it special. We will do something with my Mom at some point though. I’m very excited though to have our holidays at home.

We went through some hard times this time last year. We are doing so much better this year. Because of circumstances beyond our control we ended up moving to a bad neighborhood but we keep to ourselves and we’ve made a sanctuary in our little place. You’ve got to make the most of where you’re at. It reminds me of one of my favorite Boy Meets World episodes where Cory and Topanga have to move to married student housing in college and the place is dark, dank, and run down. They whine and lament for awhile but then they knock it off and start painting and decorating and end up with a cute little haven to start their life together.

That’s what we all have to remember. To make the most of what things come our way. To buck up and face life and make things shine. it’s not always going to be perfect but we are not here for perfection. We’re here to love and to learn.

Peace and love my friends.



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