One of My Poems



Frown lines etch my face,

A testimony to the sadness

Of my soul too often in this life.

I could be stronger.

I could hold my place in this world

A little more firmly;

Reach out

A little more softly;

Kiss the depths of the dark song

Inside of me.

I could be more.

As the years catch up

With me;

As I hold on


To my fading youth,

I see the woman

I long to be,

The woman I am meant to be.




I see my failures,


Fallen leaves,

Their time past.

My soul aches for victory;

For a coming home

To the temple of myself.

I wish to be the very best of me,

Of every woman

Who yearns in the night for solace,

For power,

For the death of regrets.

I long for a world

Where I can dance to the rhythm

Of my blood

And sing the soot off my soul.

Until I am pure again,

Until I am new,

Until I am reborn to the flesh

To do it better this time

Than I did the last.

(Copyright 2018, Catherine Lee Cunningham)





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