Tips on Creating Sanctuary

our bedroom…

I firmly believe that the home should be a sanctuary, a refuge from the craziness out in the world. A haven. A sanctuary is where all people living in your home feel safe, secure, comfortable, and able to express themselves and who they are. It doesn’t matter how humble or rich your home is, you can create this cozy vibe in your home. Here are my tips to make your home a sanctuary

Decor Elements:.

  1. candles and dimmer lighting
  2. draperies and door curtains
  3. drapes or curtains on the windows instead of blinds
  4. home cooking
  5. baking bread
  6. fairy/twinkly lights
  7. lots of blankets
  8. rugs
  9. lots of snuggly pillows, including floor pillows
  10. canopy above the bed
our old place….


  1. make sure everyone is heard
  2. solve arguments without yelling
  3. allow everyone to be their true selves
  4. spend a lot of time together
  5. Play board games together
  6. play music together
  7. read a book aloud together as a family
  8. love unconditionally
  9. be gentle with each other and with yourself

I hope these tips help to create a sanctuary in you own home.

Love, Catherine


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