The Pandemic Self-Care Guide

This pandemic has been a long and strange road for all of us. Some of us have lost our jobs, some of us are learning new skills, some of us are going crazy staying at home. It is vital to take care of both our physical health and our mental/emotional health. Here are some of my tips for nurturing yourself during pandemics and during ordinary times.

  1. Masks and Social Distancing: you knew I was going to start with this. Wear your masks, don’t get too close to people and take the vaccine when you can.
  2. Water: a big key to health and beauty is to drink lots of water. Water hydrates you and flushes toxins out of your body. Your skin will become clear and healthy. Your energy level improved.
  3. Hobbies: Keep yourself busy with creative things. It keeps your mind off the state of the world, brings calm and happiness to you, and who knows…maybe your hobby can morph into a work-at-home career.
  4. Salt baths: Salt baths (or salt scrubs in the shower) have always helped me. Salt helps the toxins get out of your body and leaves you feeling cleansed, balanced, and calmer.
  5. Family time: This is the perfect opportunity to get closer with your loved ones. Remember: they are going through this pandemic too. It’s especially difficult for children who are stuck inside even for school. Play board games, cozy up on the couch for movies, star-gaze together, have a family reading hour. Being at home doesn’t have to be boring.
  6. Good food: If you haven’t already, start cooking homemade meals of healthy foods. Homemade meals are healthier because you know what’s in them plus homemade meals are a great way to have some old-fashioned bonding with your family.
  7. Learn new skills: The best skills you can learn right now are home skills that will sustain you during rough times: sewing, canning and preserving food, knitting, weaving, cooking and more.
  8. Getting Good Sleep: I don’t know about you, but nothing ruins my mood or my day more than having too little sleep. Getting good, quality sleep invigorates your body and mind. Sleep is the time your body has to heal and rejuvenate you. Don’t skimp on it.

Integrate these tips into your daily routine during and after the pandemic and I believe your life and your mood will improve. We only get one body and one life…take care of YOU. Then you can take care of others. Until next time!

Love, Catherine


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