10 tips For Being Your Best Self

One of my paintings

I have begun to realize that with the pandemic and staying home all the time, my growth has stalled. I have no one to blame but myself. I have been hiding a lot because the ugliness of the world lately has made me retreat into my own head. Also, I have always had a problem with follow-through.

The truth is, I have been hard on myself and I have not been taking proper care of myself. As a bipolar person I have been without meds for a large portion of 2020 (I’m back on now). I felt incapable of seeking help or doing anything. Thankfully I’m back on track with that. It’s time to start growing again and to face my challenges.

Here are some tips for growth that might help all of us be our better selves.

  1. Self-care: shower, groom, rest when you need too
  2. Be gentler with yourself: you’re not perfect nor do you need to be
  3. Exercise: move that body, make it your temple
  4. Sleep 7-8 hours a night: lack of sleep is so unhealthy, we need rest to repair and rejuvenate our bodies
  5. Eat fresh and whole foods, avoid convenience foods, home cooking is best
  6. Spend time with children and animals, the innocent can teach you a lot about creativity and play
  7. Make your home a sanctuary, you should feel safe and peaceful at home, it’s your retreat from the world
  8. Listen to uplifting or calming, peaceful music
  9. Start a gratitude journal: look at your blessings more than your troubles
  10. Listen more, talk less: you become more aware of the world around you and more connected to those you love

I hope this helps you. Until next time! ❤


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