Finding Calm in a Crazy World

You’ve seen it. You’ve experienced it. The world has gone mad. There is a light in it though if we focus on our own little corner of the world. We may not have much control over the world out there but in our home, we are kings and queens. We can control our own homes and nurture our families no matter what is going on beyond our walls. Here are some tips to nurture your home, yourself, your family and create a true sanctuary in the midst of this crazy world.

~Cook homemade meals. In a world of freezer dinners and microwave popcorn, there’s nothing like a home cooked meal. It’s healthier, cheaper, and just plain yummy.

~Drink lots of water. Let’s face it, health and beauty depend a great deal on staying hydrated. It makes your skin look clear and younger; it nourishes your body and gives you energy. Water makes your body function more efficiently.

~Keep negativity at bay in your home. Home is to be a safe, life-affirming place for all it’s inhabitants. Cleanse the air with sage after major fights or times of illness. Talk out disagreements calmly. Respect each other. Keep the good vibes going.

~Keep the house clean, uncluttered, and tidy. Messiness and clutter really weigh down the mind and create a feeling of suffocation. Clutter costs money when you have to re-buy what you can’t find and a messy house increases arguments and mental clutter.

~Consider nurturing your spirituality. Whether Pagan, Christian, Buddhist, or a more eclectic spirtituality, nurturing your higher self and believing in something bigger than you puts things in perspective and calms and soothes in dark times and good times.

~Meditate. It clears the mind and refreshes you by slowing down the continuous monelogue in your head. Find solace in the silence. Rest your overactive brain.

~Move the body. Movement keeps your body healthy on all levels, strengthens the immune system, and gives you energy.

~ Spend quality time with the people you love. Have a family reading hour. Play board games. Put on music and dance. Don’t always depend on TV to keep your family entertained.

The best thing you can do in this crazy world is build a healthy home and family. We can change the world by raising happy, healthy children and doing the best things for us. Until next time….

Love, Catherine


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