Catching Up

Our three guineas

It’s the Fall Equinox and the family is just having a chill day. I smashed my phone by accident so it’s been nice to be somewhat less connected. I need to use Jason’s phone tomorrow to call family and text my Aunt who doesn’t have facebook. I do have my old iphone for most things. It has no phone service but all the apps work when connected to WiFi. After the rent is paid I’ll get a new phone.

I’m happy today but a little tired. Tonight we’ll be having tostadas and probably watching Doctor Who with my Jason and the kiddo. She’s never seen it and we’re on the 10th Doctor-David Tennant- my favorite! We’re also watching Quantum Leap.

If you like battle royale type movies I recommend two shows. They both have the theme of messed up games where the stakes are life and death. They also are both Asian shows but you can watch them with an English track. They are Alice in Borderland and Squid Game. Both are on Netflix. They have lots of oh my god moments!

A series of books I recommend that I’ve been reading to learn to save money and do food and crafts on the cheap is The Tightwad Gazette 1-3 by Amy Dacyczyn. I can’t tell you how much I love these books. It makes frugality creative and fun!

Last thing: I am working on a new Witchy shop on Etsy called Old Time Witchery. I will be offering tarot readings and handmade magical supplies that should be super fun!

That is all for today. Enjoy life and the cooler temperatures and I will see you soon!

Love, Catherine


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