New Year’s Eve

One of my paintings

This New Year’s Eve is my little family’s first full day in Oregon. We’re ringing in 2022 (probably by sleeping) in a hotel room waiting on approval for an apartment. Too many bad vibes and bad memories where we used to live. We needed a fresh slate, new views, new opportunities. We’re excited.

2021 wasn’t the greatest. There was Covid, of course, and a lot of personal and family stuff that made it a bad year. But I am cautiously looking forward to the new year. Time is a funny thing. December 31st is no different from January 1st really, except for the meaning we assign to it based on agreed upon time structures. But it is no doubt healthy to make goals and to freshen our lives and our attitudes on special days.

I’m not making resolutions this year because I never do them and then I feel bad about myself. This year I’m doing a theme…you know, when you pick the word of the year? This year my word is : Sanctuary.

A sanctuary is a safe haven. I intend to create a sanctuary, a cozy little nest, for us in Oregon and I intend to create a safe space inside me. Safe from self-hate, self-criticism, and low self-esteem. I want my family and I to have a positive environment in which to thrive and take shelter from the storms in the world outside.

I wish you all the happiest 2022 imaginable. Join me for A LOT more posts in 2022!



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