Catch Up…

Oh my gosh, there is so much to tell you. My little family and I have moved from Colorado to Oregon with a 2 month pit stop in Texas to stay with Jason’s Mom. We are just outside of Portland in a nice 2 bedroom apartment in a lovely neighborhood. We are still finding our feet but we are very happy.

We all needed a big change, a total reset, so we made the plunge. Truth is, everything bad that ever happened to me happened in Colorado. Jason and Catalina have lots of bad memories from there too. We just needed to start over. Colorado had become really toxic and outrageously expensive. People just seemed like they didn’t care about anyone but themselves there-with exceptions, but not enough to warrant staying.

We have run into tons of nice people here in Oregon. I forgot they existed. This is a great place for people who are different, like us. We don’t have to pretend or be something we are not. Jason passed his test to work in the cannabis industry, just waiting on the red tape. I’ve begun a freelance writing contract I am super excited about. I’ve wanted to be a writer literally forever.

It hasn’t even snowed here since we got here at the beginning of the year. Just rain….which I LOVE.

I am so happy at what lies ahead of us. We want to live better, BE better, and love more. I can’t wait to share our new life with you! More later!

Love Catherine


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