War and Peace

Prayers for peace

The war in the Ukraine is pretty disturbing and as always, I’m on the side of peace. When I was in my teens I was on the path to activism and protest but instead I partied and stagnated for 20 years and lost that drive. I’m finding it again, that part of myself.

I do think protest often fails to make enough of a difference but I do believe in changing my corner of the world. Changes in your life, your family, and your home affect the greater collective. The more people who change their own personal universe and send children out into the world who have empathy and compassion, the better change can spread throughout our communities.

Unfortunately there are a lot of evil people in this world and many of them are in power. It makes peace very difficult. Conflict is deeply embedded in the human psyche and there are always going to be people out there taking advantage and hurting others. Especially now. Technological advance and social media has disconnected us all. We are more comfortable behind a keyboard than face to face. This leaves us detached from others.

So what can we do? We may not have world peace; it may not be possible- but we CAN cultivate peace in our own lives. We can focus on peace and love. We can have compassion for others and understand that everyone has their own battles to fight. We can love one another.

What are your thoughts?

Until next time…



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