Springtime in Oregon

Photo by Kamala Bright on Unsplash

Spring has begun nicely here in Oregon. It’s our first Spring here. It hasn’t snowed at all since we moved here but it rains a lot. I adore the rain. It is so green here with pink trees blowing the petals all over our complex, white spots of pollen on the sidewalks, and pretty green moss spotting trees and buildings. I’ve been working on a printables/digital downloads shop on Etsy and doing some loom knitting things that I need and hair scarves. Soon I will update my fiber arts shop.

I’ve been writing less in my diary (but still daily) and I’ve tried to take action and do more things instead of only planning and thinking too much. The apartment is feeling cozy but only the back rooms and kitchen are done. We need to (not patiently) wait for our tax refund to get living room furniture and a dining room table.

Jason has all sorts of employers trying to snap him up the last few days. Catalina is on Spring break and is really growing up. Almost 13! The guinea pigs are as loving and adorable as usual. Rusty had some digestive issue and was sick but Jason took him to the vet and got some medicine and now he’s his happy little self again. He weighs like a pound and the vet cost $200.

Rusty ❤

We love our new home though it was difficult to start from scratch in a new state. But we’re making friends and setting up slowly but surely. I don’t miss the snow and I only miss family and a friend or two. I just didn’t want to stay in Colorado forever. Things were stagnant there for us and it was hard for us to meet people like us. We vibe more with the people here in Oregon.

So that’s it. Moving slowly, building up momentum, living, loving.

Next time I will be posting a tutorial on how to use a French knitting loom and a knitting doll.

Until then, peace and love….



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