5 Ways To Be Self-sustainable This Spring

As we all know things are very crazy in the world at large. There’s a pandemic, war, poverty, crime, and so much more. There are rising prices and disruptions in the supply chain. If you’ve read my blog you know I’m a big proponent of Think Globally, Act Locally. I believe that the things you do in your corner of the universe-in your home especially-can improve the world at large. The more people to improve themselves, their families, and their lives the better! It’s the power of collective action.

Here are 5 ways that you can improve your home that can make waves out in the world.

  1. Plant a garden. You can feed your family from your harvest and you will have less to buy at the store. It saves money and resources. And it’s healthier!
  2. Repurpose. Anything you have that you can use again saves money and saves things from the landfill. For instance, save the seeds from your veggies and plant them! Take the labels off cans and use them to hold your pens or crochet hooks. Use pretty liquor bottles to hold bath salts and bath oils. The ideas are endless.
  3. Save old clothes you would normally toss and make a rag rug or a quilt.
  4. Repair things instead of buying a new one. Sew that button back on, fix that handle instead of buying a whole new whatever! We throw out tons of repairable items and it is a burden on the environment and it costs us a lot of money.
  5. Go cruelty-free. Animals are still being tested on to this day. However, there are more options than ever to buy cruelty-free for beauty, cleaning and other products. Check out the Bunny Free app for your phone. At the store you can just type in a company and see if they test on animals. Then you can make an informed decision.

Until next time !



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