Finding Beauty In A Sometimes Ugly World

Oh my gosh….life is a whirlwind. Jason’s been in classes for computer coding on his new career path; I’ve been looking for a new job and figuring out how I want the rest of my life to go. I may have had an interesting, fun life until I settled down over the last decade, but I don’t think I’ve built much of a legacy. But there’s time to change that. So that’s where my head is.

We all have to deal with stressors and ugliness around us: Covid, politics, war, hateful people, jobs, violence, racism, sexism, homophobia, homelessness, trashed neighborhoods, bills to pay, and oh so much more. It is easy to start thinking of the world as an ugly place with not much redeeming qualities. This has definitely crossed my mind many times in the last few years.

That negative mindset tends to draw one’s attention to even more ugliness around you and the beauty there- that is sometimes hidden- fades away.

In times like these we need to see the beauty in the little things because the little things are actually the big things. The things that matter.

The Beautiful Things:

the sky, the moon, the ocean, the grass, the flowers, the earth, the trees

laughter, soft voices, the touch of your loved ones, eyes full of love

babies, children, living on past your own life in the people you touched

movement of the body and the planet and the galaxies

animals and their authenticity and unconditional love

the people and things that inspire you and motivate you

love and support and goodwill (which does still exist!)

the beauty and comfort of home and those you love

art in all its forms

music in all its forms

you and everything you are

Until next time my loves,



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