Summer Nights & Aging

As soon as I was out of school and summer vacation was a thing of the past, I realized, though I’m a summer baby, summer is my least favorite season. I don’t like heat or bright sunlight and my Irish skin only burns and then turns pale again. It’s almost 7pm and it’s still two hours from sundown. I’m just laying in front of the portable AC feeling drained and waiting on darkness like the little vampire I am.

Now that we have ice cube trays it might be time to take out the slushie machine. We have 6 flavors to choose from. To tide me over until my favorite season: Autumn. Then the temperature lowers and the rain begins again. And I love all the rain we get out here. It’s what I always wished for in Colorado and never got. In Colorado I listened to thunderstorm clips on YouTube; in Oregon I get to listen to real rain.

New on the agenda is getting back to yoga. As of last month, I’m at the end of my 40’s, and I’m stiffer, more sore, and I’m losing flexibility. I truly wish I had taken better care of myself throughout my life but here I am. Changes must be made.

I thought, when I was young, that I’d have more trouble aging. But the truth is, if you’re aware of the flow of life and that there is a season for everything, it all is very natural. We were all young, we rise to the prime of life, and then things start to slow down while new generations rise to their prime and older generations settle down into old age. It’s a cycle and we can’t be mad to get older and see the young take over the world.

I see the value now in being older, in being more settled. I’m ready for security, stability, and a slower pace. I don’t mind being older. I see my face changing, my worries settling into my forehead, my hard years reflected in my chin. I’m still youthful but I’m no longer young. I can accept that.

What I don’t like to see is the disconnect between the generations. We don’t ever seem to hear each other enough, respect each other enough, or understand each other enough. The thing to remember is there is value in all stages of life and we need to learn to see the gifts in each season of our evolution and empathize with others no matter where they are in their journey. We all have things to learn from each other.

All we can do is try to live fully in the present and appreciate every day we get. Don’t mourn the past, don’t get attached to the future. Live with grace and gratitude. Love each other. Love ourselves.

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