Night Thoughts to Share

Sprinklers ringing out in the darkness heard through an open window. The whir of the fan and the quiet breathing of my partner beside me.

The changes of our life together spreading, blossoming… stagnation breaking. Clean slates and moving forward after stuck-ness.

Nothing is perfect ever. But it doesn’t have to be. All I crave is balance and stability. Ugliness and beauty are everywhere…I can choose what I see.

In a time of not taking care of myself, I became disconnected, distant, not myself. I’m still recovering from that broken time. Picking up pieces and fusing them back together.

I’m an artist through and through, usually a painter. Still I don’t want to paint. That’s not what my healing requires. I need squish my fingers in clay and create beautiful and haunting things.

A block of terracotta arrives tomorrow and my inner child shrieks with glee.

I realized tonight I can heal. I can heal others. I can move forward and I can still grow and connect. I think I felt old and broken and I thought my time was through.

But I am here. I’m leaving my shell, defying my fears, waking up, trying to go outside more, trying to reconnect.

Come with me!

Broken isn’t bad. Light gets in through the cracks. Poetry is still useful. Beautiful and powerful words change the world.

Until next time… Be free and love your broken pieces.

Catherine ☮️ & ♥️


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