Moon and Sea

My mom always likes to tell me about how when I was little, I loved the moon: the moon Mommy…look at the moon. I always had an affinity for the moon. When I discovered witchcraft, I understood. The moon is about cycles and moods. It’s about mystery and secrets. The moon is the darkness and the light. As a bipolar person her phases growing and shrinking remind me of mood swings. The moon controls the tides of the sea and affects our moods. The full moon sees a rise in crime and craziness…that’s where the word lunacy comes from. Luna…the moon.

I feel peaceful when I see the moon. I feel powerful. I am in awe at the simplicity of her beauty. The moon is also associated with the Goddess as well as the cycles of a woman’s life. Maiden, mother, crone…the moon grows, reaches fullness, then declines only to be reborn. Just like us.

I recently moved to Oregon. Our car is difficult so I’ve not been to the ocean yet, but I crave it, I feel the energy of it close by. I feel drawn to sea witchery and shells and cleansing myself in her salty waves.

I deal with anxiety and mental and emotional issues but the moon and the sea center me. The fresh air breathes life into me. Water heals; the light of the moon fills us with quiet and introspection. Whenever you doubt anything or you feel unbalanced, look to the skies for the moon and say a little prayer. Go bathe in the ocean or simulate the sea by bathing in water that you’ve added salt to. Let nature heal you.


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