5 Ways To Be Self-sustainable This Spring

As we all know things are very crazy in the world at large. There’s a pandemic, war, poverty, crime, and so much more. There are rising prices and disruptions in the supply chain. If you’ve read my blog you know I’m a big proponent of Think Globally, Act Locally. I believe that the things you […]


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Springtime in Oregon

Spring has begun nicely here in Oregon. It’s our first Spring here. It hasn’t snowed at all since we moved here but it rains a lot. I adore the rain. It is so green here with pink trees blowing the petals all over our complex, white spots of pollen on the sidewalks, and pretty green […]

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Springtime and Blog Changes

Spring is a little early in Oregon. I’m used to snow being possible through May so I love that snow is less common here. There’s still a bit of coolness in the air but overall it’s very nice. I can’t wait until we can go to the beach. I haven’t been to a beach in […]

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War and Peace

The war in the Ukraine is pretty disturbing and as always, I’m on the side of peace. When I was in my teens I was on the path to activism and protest but instead I partied and stagnated for 20 years and lost that drive. I’m finding it again, that part of myself. I do […]

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Catch Up…

Oh my gosh, there is so much to tell you. My little family and I have moved from Colorado to Oregon with a 2 month pit stop in Texas to stay with Jason’s Mom. We are just outside of Portland in a nice 2 bedroom apartment in a lovely neighborhood. We are still finding our […]

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New Year’s Eve

This New Year’s Eve is my little family’s first full day in Oregon. We’re ringing in 2022 (probably by sleeping) in a hotel room waiting on approval for an apartment. Too many bad vibes and bad memories where we used to live. We needed a fresh slate, new views, new opportunities. We’re excited. 2021 wasn’t […]

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Catching Up

It’s the Fall Equinox and the family is just having a chill day. I smashed my phone by accident so it’s been nice to be somewhat less connected. I need to use Jason’s phone tomorrow to call family and text my Aunt who doesn’t have facebook. I do have my old iphone for most things. […]

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Finding Calm in a Crazy World

You’ve seen it. You’ve experienced it. The world has gone mad. There is a light in it though if we focus on our own little corner of the world. We may not have much control over the world out there but in our home, we are kings and queens. We can control our own homes […]

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Catch Up & SImple Luxuries

Good morning! Time to catch up! We’ve got 3 guinea pigs now. Our new addition is Rusty, the red and black one. They are all so sweet and they have such distinct personalities. We love them to pieces. I’m also very excited because I ordered a new king size black velvet comforter. Velvet is my […]

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