Learning to Slow Down

I lived fast for a lot of years…parties, after-parties, concerts, going to work on no sleep. I’ve discovered in the last decade that fast living is not my natural rhythm. Or at least it’s not now, but maybe it never was. I like to contemplate, to daydream, to ponder. Covid slowed me down even more […]


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Summer Nights & Aging

As soon as I was out of school and summer vacation was a thing of the past, I realized, though I’m a summer baby, summer is my least favorite season. I don’t like heat or bright sunlight and my Irish skin only burns and then turns pale again. It’s almost 7pm and it’s still two […]

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Finding Calm in a Crazy World

You’ve seen it. You’ve experienced it. The world has gone mad. There is a light in it though if we focus on our own little corner of the world. We may not have much control over the world out there but in our home, we are kings and queens. We can control our own homes […]

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One of My Poems

REBIRTH Frown lines etch my face, A testimony to the sadness Of my soul too often in this life. I could be stronger. I could hold my place in this world A little more firmly; Reach out A little more softly; Kiss the depths of the dark song Inside of me. I could be more. […]

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